BMW to launch 7-Speed Gearbox in 2008 M3


BMW is reportedly set to launch its 2008/2009 M3 coupe with an all-new seven-speed double-clutch gearbox as an alternative to the regular six-speed manual. According to Autocar, official confirmation regarding the move has already been sent to BMW dealers.

According to the Leftlane News, the gearbox will go by the name M DCT, and is very similar to Volkswagen’s DSG transmission. To make shifts both smooth and extremely quick, a dual-clutch system features two computer-controlled clutches. Simple automated manuals — such as BMW’s SMG — provided quick shifts but can be jerky during tame driving.

The M DCT model will likely be a few tenths of a second faster than the manual M3. The transmission is being built by Getrag. Drivers will be able to use a shift lever or paddles to change gears.

The M DCT will be offered on the new M3 in March 2008.


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