Nissan shows what a future van is

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has revealed in July 23 a highly innovative small van concept at Nissan Design Europe (NDE).

Called NV200 and set to be given its worldwide debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this year in October, the concept turns the usual light commercial design inside out.

Its storage pod is its most striking feature. It extends from the van’s load area whenever the vehicle is parked. As the pod is systematized, the now empty load area is converted into a mobile office. Isn’t that amazing?

The NV200 was developed through the collaborative efforts of Nissan Design Center in Japan and NDE, which is located in Paddington, London. According to Auto Channel news, the team had no pre-conceived ideas on what form NV200 should take. So as a result, they developed a “radical, futuristic, but entirely practical new concept”.

Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president and chief creative officer at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. said that a light commercial vehicle has a specific job to do, but that is not a reason to make a purely rational vehicle with no amiability. He added that an A for NV200 function becomes the beauty. He also said that the concept is a highly efficient tool but has a human touch or warmth.

The basic concept of the van could be tailored to suit different range of customers. This is a fact although NV200 meets the specific needs of a professional underwater photographer with ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ storage zones in the pod for diving and camera equipment.

When the van is being driven, the pod is latched inside the load area. But upon arrival at its destination, the pod slides out going to the rear to allow easy access to the storage zones. As the pod is withdrawn from the van, the area left behind is converted into a mobile office. On a curved rail, the front passenger seat pivots backwards to face a computer table, which drops down from the side of the van.
Now this is what a future van is.


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