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The 2008 Honda Accord

August 23, 2007

For many months we have waited for Honda to introduce its 2008 Honda Accord and now the auto maker has finally unwrapped the redesigned 2008 Accord sedan and coupe, giving more interesting upgrades and tune ups.

So what’s new with the Accord? Inside Line reports that the new car received a new metal sheet, and under the hood lies the larger and powerful SOHC 3.5-liter iVTEC V6 capable of running up to 248 pound-feet of torque. Horsepower is 268, thanks to the five-speed automatic transmission and a -speed automatic transmission on its Accord coupe version.

The four-door Accord also handles the same powertrain under its hood but the new powertrain part has new variable cylinder management system which can be used to run either three, four or six cylinders. The EPA city/highway mileage is amounting to 19/29 mpg while the 16/25 mpg mileage goes to its coupe version.

Options for the Honda Accord are the two iVTEC 2.4-liter four-cylinder engines which are propelling on 177 horsepower and 190 horsepower respectively. Other features of the engine option also include both reprogrammed engine control module as well as high-flow exhaust system. All these DOHC engines are running on 21/31 mpg as their mileage ratings mated on five-speed manual and automatic boxes transmissions.

Honda did not make a hybrid version for the 2008 Accord, but they are not closing their doors on the idea.

The new version of Accord is comparable to both Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion. It has vast space in its interior moving up from a small size ride to an EPA Large category. The new car will be available this coming September 12. Pricing is yet to be released.


Yaris and Camry Share One Assembly Plant

August 10, 2007

The Toyota Camry is the new model of Guangzhou Toyota which was revealed earlier this year. The Toyota car model was able to sell 80,000 units in its first six months. However, Toyota expects to double the sales to 150,000 units before the year ends.

Toyota Yaris is also famous and was also proclaimed the hottest selling Toyota brand according to Yaris was able to sell a huge amount of 3,000,000 units all over the world. Toyota Motor Corporation decided to manufacture the car model in China starting next year. Toyota has a production plant in Nansha District which will be limiting its production capacity in 2009.

The assembly plant’s produce 200,000 cars annually and was reported to complete the entire production in a year and a half construction. The assembly plant will be making the Camry model and expected to reach 150,000 units of its model next year.

Yaris will be produced in the second assembly plant as reported by a Chinese media. However, the deputy general manager of Guangzhou Toyota Feng Xinya denies the report. According to Xinya, “The Nansha plant will start production next year if nothing goes wrong. On the other hand, we will expand the production capacity but we will not increase of the production of Yaris by cutting the output of Camry.”

Does this mean Toyota is going to trim down the production of Camry?

I am sure Toyota will not compromise the production of Camry because of the demand by the customers. We are all aware of the present status of the Camry in the US car market and Toyota Motor Corporation will definitely do something about it.

Nissan’s New Catalytic Converter

August 3, 2007

Another Japanese car maker discovered a new cheaper way of lessening much cost on the replacement of any catalytic converter. Japanese car makers are known because of its budget-friendliness even Toyota and Honda is also sharing the same fame. And now, even on car parts, Japanese car maker Nissan found something new. It’s about the nano-technology. Sounds like a little fiction right? But the new science can be a great answer to expensive catalytic converter makers.

A conventional catalytic converter is made up of pure platinum which makes it really expensive. All car makers know that these catalytic converters raise its commodity prices which are why they are also looking for more alternatives to save. The platinum price rises up to 9% from April to June. The presence of nano-technology will definitely be a great help to every car maker in the industry.

Nissan will be starting to use the technology next year. All the cars they will be releasing on 2008 will be wearing the new cheap technology on the catalytic converter.