Nissan’s New Catalytic Converter

Another Japanese car maker discovered a new cheaper way of lessening much cost on the replacement of any catalytic converter. Japanese car makers are known because of its budget-friendliness even Toyota and Honda is also sharing the same fame. And now, even on car parts, Japanese car maker Nissan found something new. It’s about the nano-technology. Sounds like a little fiction right? But the new science can be a great answer to expensive catalytic converter makers.

A conventional catalytic converter is made up of pure platinum which makes it really expensive. All car makers know that these catalytic converters raise its commodity prices which are why they are also looking for more alternatives to save. The platinum price rises up to 9% from April to June. The presence of nano-technology will definitely be a great help to every car maker in the industry.

Nissan will be starting to use the technology next year. All the cars they will be releasing on 2008 will be wearing the new cheap technology on the catalytic converter.


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