Water-damaged Cars

There are a lot of spots that seem nice during sunshine. But, unless you aren’t actually familiar of the place, you won’t know that it is being flooded during rain. The unfortunate part is… if it is the only path for you to get home. So, your car gets soaked into the flood water. What is up next? Nothing less than a bad damage, worse on passenger cars.

David Miller, owner of Trinity Collision and Car Repair Center, said, “The bad thing about passenger cars is when they go into as little as 12 inches of water sometimes six. You could suck water into your motor and damage your motor or destroy your motor all together.” That sounds terribly dire. And, worse is that much expensive problems arise as the water mounts, she said.

Though newer models have high technology features these hi-tech equipment could be easily destroyed by water, and these electronics also make them more fragile during floods. Miller said, “Use to be on cars people would worry about water getting in the doors now a days all cars have computers and if you get water inside (you’ll) need a new computer and that’s at least 1,000 plus dollars.”

That’s not the most. “You could actually total your car in as little as 12 inches of water,” Miller said.

Let’s take a look at another concern – the buying of a car that has been flooded. Well, such car is definitely not a good option to be your purchased used car. That is why, if you want to buy a used vehicle, regardless of where it would be from (dealer or auctions), make sure you ask for a complete list of its history. The Better Business Bureau said most water-damaged vehicles wind up at car auctions rather than at large dealerships. But possibly, both have them.

If the seller can’t or won’t provide you with the complete list, check on the car’s carpets if they have been replaced. If they are indeed replaced, the car has most likely been flooded. Another determinant would be if there are rusts under the dash, which would mean the engine has been soaked deep in water. Lastly, you could also check on the car’s trunk for a water line. If you found none of those three factors, the car is nearly safe from water damage. But remember, that won’t mean the car is totally the best used car for you.


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