Volkswagen: ‘A competitive price. Promise.’

Volkswagen, the fourth world’s largest automaker, has recently launched a new price match campaign. With a catch line of “A competitive price. Promise,” the campaign was designed to reassure new and existing Volkswagen customers that they will always be paying a fair and competitive price for the service, maintenance and repair of their vehicles.

The campaign is actually more like a simple promise to ensure customers that they could get the most out from their motoring budgets. Under the campaign, all participating Volkswagen Retailers will price match any service, maintenance or repair (SMR) quote from an independent garage within a five mile radius. The small print was kept simple and precise: “all they ask is that it is a like-for-like job”; “the quote is provided in writing”; and that “the independent outlet uses Volkswagen Original Parts”, as per mentioned in an article at

Paul Lougher Smith, Volkswagen’s Aftersales Martketing Manager, is at the helm of the campaign. He said, “Our customers enjoy the quality, reliability and great value for money that’s synonymous with the Volkswagen brand but when it comes to servicing the general cliché is that all franchised network outlets are more expensive than independent garages. At Volkswagen we are so confident in our prices being competitive that we’re giving Volkswagen owners of any age of vehicle the chance to shop around and then demand the same price from their Volkswagen Retailer. That way, they get the best quality work as well as the knowledge that they’re also paying the best price.”

Customers have cited not having their cars serviced within a franchised network. According to research, the main reason is the perception of price. Volkswagen, through removing any potential barriers, is hoping that all customers will enjoy the peace of mind and high quality workmanship brought about by having their vehicles looked after within the network.

Paul Lougher Smith also said, “We’re running this advertising campaign for six weeks – but the offer continues for the rest of the year. Our retailers are looking forward to welcoming customers back into the network and giving them the service and value for money they deserve. The Volkswagen brand has long stood for honesty and value and this latest campaign aims to reinforce this promise.”


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