High-tech, High Theft

Today’s latest cars are loaded with high technology features that most likely attract customers who seek for quality, convenience, safety and entertainment. Since everyone loves to have them all, those who can’t get those gadgets out of their own pockets are likely to take them from others through stealing. As a result, thefts of car gadgets continue to rise.

According to an article in kfoxtv.com, on top of the list of most targeted items is the global positioning satellite (GPS) unit.

Miguel Martinez, with Audio Express, said, “Customers lately have come in with, you know, video packages being stolen, base packages being stolen and, along with the video, you have your connections to your navigation and satellite, so usually they all get stolen together.”

GPS, aside from having high resale value, is portable, which makes it easy to steal. A woman from El Paso for instance said that her satellite radio got swiped despite having her truck with an alarm system. She said, “There were other things that they could’ve taken but it seems like they had their eyes on the radios, remotes, DVDs, CDs.”

There are some satellite radios that are mounted on the windshield. Even if you take such radio off and keep it out of sight after parking your car, the thieves could still see the mark left behind. The mark lets them know that there is still something of value inside your car.

Martinez said, “People stealing cars, it’s just like a bonus being able to find a system in there that they can grab as well.”

Victims are then left with the painful lesson of taking more precautions to make sure that it won’t happen again.

The theft victim said, “I’m more careful now as to where I park. Before I used to park far so I could walk and now I just park with the rest of the crowd.”

Though many stolen GPS units and satellite radios are never recovered, authorities still recommend the people to write down serial numbers and notify either the police or the manufacturer if a theft occurs. It takes a more vigilant approach to make sure not one of the valuables in your car are stolen.


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