MapmyIndia In-car GPS Navigation Device launched in India

Recently, MapmyIndia has launched an in-car GPS navigation system and mentioned that it was in talks with premium car makers for built-in offerings.

The MapmyIndia in-car Navigator is a smart and sleek portable gadget that uses satellites to determine the current location of the user. It will be providing voice and visual map guidance that will cover 55,000 towns and villages across India, connected by national and state highways and important landmarks within 150 cities. It will also offer complete coverage of streets, localities and points of interest in 18 cities.

CE Info Systems Managing Director Rakesh Verma said, “In countries like India, where roads either don’t have names, or road signs are not clearly marked, following directions based on road names or traditional methods can be frustrating experience. With GPS technology and accurate MapmyIndia maps telling you exactly where to take your next turn, unnamed roads or unclear road signs are no longer an issue.”

Here is a list of the MapmyIndia GPS Device’s salient features:

  • Real-time, turn-by-turn map and voice guidance to your destination
  • Keeps you informed where you are and which direction you are headed
  • Distance and estimated time to next turn and final destination
  • Quick search to find and navigate to urgent points of interest along the way or near your destination
  • Instant auto re-routing in case you miss a turn, blocked roads or if you choose to follow an alternate road
  • Detours to avoid specific roads
  • Address book to store your favorite destinations (home, office etc.)
  • Create and save multi-stop trips, and off-road nature trails
  • Movies, music, games and photos on 3.5” color touch-screen
  • Lightweight and pocketable

The device will be available in two hardware models: Delhi Nav 200 and AMAX. Both models will have built-in GPS (SirfStar III), a 3.5-inch color touch screen and additional multimedia features to play movies, music, photos and games. Both will also run on Samsung 400 MHz processor. Pricing with be Rs 21,000 in Delhi and Rs 22,000 outside the city. You can have it on several car accessory and consumer electronics dealers in New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. It will also be available online through Indiatimes and FutureBazaar.

In the product launching, Rakesh Verma said, “We are talking to premium care makers for providing the navigator services and some development on that front is expected soon.” He also said that the company will be expanding its portfolio through launching new map offerings for mobile phones and internet within this month.

At present, the company is importing equipments from China. And, prices are expected to drop once demand picks up.

According to CE Info Systems Director Rohan Verma, the company is also planning to provide real-time traffic information and services in Hindi and other regional languages. He also mentioned that the company will be partnering with leading hardware manufacturers and consumer brands to pre-load the navigator software and map a host of handsets and navigation devices.

Currently, MapmyIndia has digital map data for India that covers all 6 lakh villages and 5,000 cities and towns to support that programs and products.


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