Police shares Tips to combat Car Break-ins

Since break-in cases in New Braufels are growing, law enforcement officials have taken the initiative to provide the people with few simple precautionary measures to avoid becoming a victim.

According to New Braunfels Police Chief Ron Everett, “Lock that car, take all the property out and if you do leave something inside, keep it locked in the trunk.” This “lock, take or hide” philosophy is acknowledged as a strategy for drivers to combat auto break-ins, one of the most common crimes committed around the country.

Reports revealed 112 cases of cars being broken into in the city for the past two months. Though statistics regarding break-ins before September 13 were not available, Everett said that the number of cases is higher than normal. He said, “The number seems to be increasing from the past… We’re continuing to watch that trend and analyze information that will assist us in apprehending suspects and preventing the offenses.”

Everett said that police have made 10 arrests for auto break-ins this year. In some cases, the suspects were charged with either felony theft or engaging in organized criminal activity.

Everett has mentioned that the police have been using various techniques to prevent such crimes. Among included are undercover officers, bike patrols and standard patrol cars. To ensure safe parking lots at events like the Comal County Fair, Wurstfest and high school football games, the police randomly used the undercover officers and bike patrols.

Based on herald-zeitung.com, here are some safety tips to help you prevent car break-ins:

  • Remove visible items from your vehicle.
  • Always roll up windows and lock the vehicle, even if it is in front of your home.
  • Park your car in high-traffic and well-lighted areas.
  • Don’t leave personal identification documents or credit cards inside your vehicle.
  • Have a copy of your license plate and vehicle identification numbers available should your car get stolen.

Everett said, “Auto break-ins are often a crime of opportunity… Criminals are often looking for something quick and simple.”


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