AAA’s 2007-2008 The Great Pretenders Party Guide

Since drinking seems to be inevitable during parties AAA has decided to release free booklet of nonalcoholic drink recipes combining good taste and sound advice on how to reduce fatalities and injuries caused by drunk driving. The booklet is entitled 2007-2008 Great Pretenders Party Guide featuring some of the best nonalcoholic drink recipes derived from AAA’s Diamond Award-winning restaurants across the Midwest.

The booklet may also be given as a Christmas gift since it can fit inside a stocking. The Great Pretenders Party Guide just takes the alcohol but not the fun of drinking.

For the coming Christmas festivities AAA recommends Cinnamon Cheer from the Ritz-Carlton in Dearborn, Michigan or if you prefer something healthy then have a sip of the Pomegranate Lime Fresh from the Fairmont Chicago—both at AAA Four-Diamond rated establishments.

You may also get some of the alcohol-free drink recipes included in the 2007-2008 special edition of The Great Pretenders Party Guide for free online at or by participating at AAA branch locations.

The nonalcoholic recipes that were included in the free booklet were provided by AAA Diamond-rated hotels and restaurants located in the eight states served by six AAA clubs in The Auto Club Group (ACG)—AAA Chicago, AAA Michigan, AAA Minnesota/Iowa, AAA Nebraska, AAA North Dakota, and AAA Wisconsin.

Hopefully these nonalcoholic drink recipes from AAA would reduce the number of fatalities recorded in 2006 wherein more than 17,600 people died due to alcohol-related accidents which is rather scary if you are to think about it since that would mean one death for every half hour.

Aside from nonalcoholic drink recipes the booklet also showcases information on trendy new food items that are not only tasty but are very easy to prepare.

For more information on The Great Pretenders Party Guide kindly visit any AAA branch office or call their toll-free number at 866-YOUR-AAA (968-7222) or download a copy of the booklet at


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