Loremo Cabrio Concept to Debut at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show

Loremo AG which is a German automaker corporation and maker of the dubbed cleverest car of the year, the LS concept has recently announced that they would create a sport car that can consume two times less than that of a Toyota Prius. The German automaker Loremo also plans of presenting the said concept model at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show and it will in the form of a cabriolet.

It can be remembered that it was also in Geneva that the 2006 LS concept car was unveiled. It has a 2-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 20hp and fuel consumption of 1.51/100km while the sport version GT had a 3-cylinder turbodiesel with 50 hp and consumes 2.71/100km. Despite its low fuel consumption it can reach a top speed of 220km/h.

Production model of the LS concept is expected to arrive in 2010 and due to the depleting fossil energy resources the German automaker plans of having an electric motor for subsequent models.


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