Johnson Controls To Supply Chery With Batteries

As the Chinese auto market continues to grow, so does the number of choices offered to consumers. Chery Automobile, a Chinese automaker announced that it will be launching a hybrid vehicle for the Chinese auto market. Said vehicle will be the answer of the automaker to the increasing demand for more fuel efficient vehicles in the Chinese auto market.

Hybrid vehicles as we all known by now are powered by a battery pack complementing an internal combustion engine. For Chery’s hybrid vehicles, they will be equipped with battery packs from Johnson Controls. The company will be supplying the automaker with nickel metal hydride batteries.

Mary Ann Wright, vice president and general manager of Johnson Controls’ hybrid battery business said: “As car sales continue to significantly increase in China, Johnson Controls-Saft is committed to partnering with automakers to develop fuel-efficient vehicles for consumers who want – and need – to make purchasing decisions that are good for the environment.”

“With world-class engineering centers in the United States, Europe and China, we have the technical capability to partner with our customers as consumers around the world increasingly demand energy-efficient, high performance vehicles,” she added.

Although experts are saying that lithium-ion batteries will be more practical than NI-MH batteries, Johnson Controls continues its development of the latter. They are making Ni-MH batteries much more compact and thus, lightweight and at the same time, increase the power that it can store.

In conclusion, Wright said: “This is as much about the successful launch and ability to commercially manufacture this vehicle as it is about the development of an effective engineering team with the technical capabilities to support China’s fast growing future needs in the hybrid automotive market.”


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