AutoWeek’s “Most Significant” Vehicle In The 2008 NAIAS…

If you missed a lot of updates from the most recent and hottest show in the planet, you better listen to this!

The 2009 Ford F-150 earned the “Most Significant” vehicle at this year’s North American International Auto Show at the Design Forum which took place in Detroit last Thursday evening. Editors from the popular automotive publication AutoWeek magazine picked the winner for the said award.

“From the Explorer America, a unibody-constructed, friendlier sport/utility vehicle, to the Verve, the best-looking small car Ford has built for America in generations; the F-150 is Most Significant for what it means not only to the company but to the American ethic. The F-150 is Ford tough – and so was this decision among quite an impressive lineup of products Ford has on display.” This was according to the AutoWeek Magazine.

“We’re very pleased that AutoWeek’s selected our new 2009 F-150 as this year’s most significant vehicle at the show. It’s exciting to begin the launch of the new F-150 with media honors, and it further recognizes the work we put into understanding our customers and always delivering the best truck on the market,” says Patrick Schiavone, the design director for Ford Trucks.


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