Survey Shows Even Cars Deserve Affection

carFebruary 15. Just a day after Valentine’s Day. As expected, no more phone greetings, no more flowers and chocolates and other sweet gestures of expressing love. As if love is meant to be celebrated in just one day. If people can do that to their fellowmen who are sentient beings, how much more to their cars?

Well, I may be just one pessimistic soul, for according to a survey conducted by Jiffy Lube International, more and more divers nowadays consider owning a car as having a relationship that needs to be nurtured and protected.

In AutoChannel yesterday, it was reported that according to the survey, 44 percent of women and 44 percent of men claimed that they open about expressing gratitude to their cars for being such great partners at some points in their lives. Most qualities that car owners are most thankful for about their cars are their dependability, appearance, performance and handling.

If some couples express their love for one another through public display of affection, some car owners also do that. Not the typical holding hands while walking that’s in your mind though. For cars, it’s as simple as rubbing the dashboard.

If some people find saying “Sorry” as the hardest thing to do on earth, would you believe that some drivers don’t hold those words back from their car? The study revealed that 24 percent of drivers expressed regret to their car after running-in with a speed bump or any circumstance that almost damaged their car.

According to Lisa Carlson, Global Director of Marketing for Jiffy Lube International, expressing affection should not be limited to our loved ones alone but also to our vehicles.

“For most of us, our vehicles are far more than just another line-item on our list of assets. They are so integral to our daily lives because we constantly count on them to safely and dependably get us where we need to be. They deserve affection and attention too,” she added.

About 509 men and 507 women compose the survey sample. The survey was done via telephone by Jiffy Lube International, an auxiliary branch of Shell Oil Company.

Even cars deserve affection. Not just on Valentine’s Day.


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