New Gadgets For Your Car

Today’s new cars already come with a lot of features. There are features which are designed to keep the passenger safe. There are also features which makes it easier to integrate other electronic gadgets into the car’s sound system for example.

But consumers still want more. Or some of them want more. Thus, different companies have come up with new products to make driving a whole lot better. Here are some of them I found while surfing the web:

First is the Car Camera Recorder Pro. This nifty gadget allows you to record anything that happens behind your back. That is behind your car. It is a rearview car camera which automatically starts to record once you turn on the ignition switch. It comes with a 1 GB SD memory card. This of course can be removed so you can easily transfer the recorded video into your PC or laptop.

Another cool car gadget is the PowerStation TravellerRecorder Pro. This is essentially an extension for your cigarette lighter. With this, you can charge as many as three devices simultaneously. This is really convenient for those who carry a lot of gadgets around.

The Solar Powered Digital Tire Gauge is also another cool gadget you can use. It is essential to keep your tires inflated as it helps you save on fuel. This nifty little gadget can read your tire’s pressure in bar, KPA, PSI, and kilogram per meter squared. This is equipped with an LCD screen so it is easy to read. It is also solar powered so you will at least be earth-friendly by using this.

These gadgets are really cool and I think I may buy one of those solar powered tire gauges.


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