Ford Honors Three Metaldyne Plants

Ford has been a recipient of various awards and recognition for over the years. Now it’s time for them to return the favor. Yesterday, three Metaldyne powder metal facilities in three different countries were recently acknowledged by Ford for exceptional supplier delivery performance, according to Metaldyne Corporation.

According to the Auto Channel, Metaldyne Sintered Components Espana received recognition from Ford of Europe for five years of 100 percent supplier delivery performance to the automaker’s production plants.

…”hard to reach and requires professionalism and a lot of effort such as the correct use of the Ford systems, direct and effective reaction to problems and good communication.” The automaker thanked the plant for “having met our requirements in such an extraordinary way,” stated in a letter to the plant in Valencia, Spain.

Metaldyne facilities in Ridgway, Pa., and Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, were honored by Ford’s Engine and Fuel Tank plant for superior quality as well. Both achieved zero defects for 2007. The plants were also recognized in a letter from the company. The names of both plants will be displayed in Dearborn, Mich., at Ford’s Engine and Fuel Tank plant’s main lobby and quality control office.

“Metaldyne continually strives to meet and exceed our customer requirements. We are pleased Ford has recognized the Valencia, Ridgway and Ramos Arizpe plants for its hard work and diligence. It takes tremendous teamwork and attention to detail to attain these flawless results. All of the employees should be very proud,” says Tom Chambers, president and COO.


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